Rhianna (Lincolnshire, England)

On my first visit from Au Pair Link they asked me what would I like to get out of this year and I answered "to be part of the family I work for" and not only do I feel I have achieved this after 7 months with the family, I felt like I achieved it in the first weeks here. Not only am I my family's first Au pair but I arrived here the day their third baby arrived home from hospital.

I have been watching their baby grow from, near enough, day one and not only does that mean I have a special connection with the child but the parents. I look after three beautiful boys and I'm looked after by two amazing host parents. To see a little one grow is such an amazing privilege and have a family love you for the help you offer is a great feeling.

You never feel lonely as an au pair, yes you will miss home, but you have so many areas of support from the family and au pair link to the amazing friends you meet out here and have adventures with! I will never forget my time as an au pair as Au Pair Link give you the resources and support to make the most of your time here. I know I will cry so much when I have to leave, but for now I am going let the little one continue to amaze me with his progress, the two older boys become more awesome and justi keep loving life in New Zealand!

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