Holly (London, England)

Sometimes the thought of traveling to the other side of the world can seem quite daunting, especially if you’re doing it on your own! Before embarking on such a big step, I knew that I wanted to work in New Zealand. I had heard about how beautiful the country was and how wonderful the people are and felt that this was the right choice for me.

Fortunately, as I was researching jobs, I stumbled across Au Pair Link and from the moment I clicked onto their website I never looked back!

Au Pair Link was brilliant and helped me every step of the way. They assisted me with all the essential documents like my flights, insurance and most importantly…my fabulous host family! Upon arriving in New Zealand, Au Pair Link pretty much welcomed me and all of the other new au pairs to the country. Any worries I had quickly melted away as I knew I was in a safe and happy environment with these guys!

I have been in New Zealand for nearly a year now and looking back I can definitely say it has been the best year ever. I feel so lucky to have been a part of my host family’s life, they have always included me in everything they do and made sure that I have felt at home with them. I have become completely fond of Liam and Brandon and feel as though they are like little brothers to me. There were often days when I would be playing by the beach with them or running around parks, going to the zoo or the aquarium and I would have to stop and remind myself that this was actually my job! Life really couldn’t get any better! Not to mention that on the weekends and holidays I would be out exploring what New Zealand had to offer or else I would be participating in activities that Au Pair Link organised. A lot of the friendships I have made out here have all been through Au Pair Link, I feel as though I owe so much to these guys. I do remember once worrying about traveling over here on my own but because of Au Pair Link, it never felt like I did!

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