Grace (Lincolnshire, England)

I went volunteering in Ghana this time last year and it was an amazing experience, it made me realise how much I love working with children and travelling around the world! Once I was home I thought about all the different things I could do, becoming an Au-pair seemed to be exactly the kind of thing I imagined myself doing.

I looked online and found a number of au pair companies, Au-Pair Link New Zealand caught my eye straight away, I signed up and days later they were in touch and from that moment until I flew to the other side of the world they were so helpful and easy to contact!

Once I got to Nelson and met my family, (dressed up as a witch and a tiger because it was Halloween!) I knew everything was going to be great. They are all so kind, welcoming and after a few weeks I felt like I had known them forever. I really don't want to think about going home and leaving them all! :( I'm definitely coming to visit New Zealand again though so I'll see them again for a huge hug for sure!

I get on with the parents and the children so well, we have so much fun and I love being part of the family and watching the children grow up! I have been here 7 months now and it's weird to think in December I'm not being going to be with them! I am having an awesome time and would recommend this experience to anyone who loves working with children! It is amazing!! :)

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