Affectionately known as the Land of the Long White Cloud, New Zealand or Aotearoa is a small island country (similar in size to the UK or Japan) in the southwestern Pacfic Ocean, just below Australia. Our unique position in the south pacific has allowed for a strong seafaring tradition, and some of the world’s most captivating landscapes.

Home to around 4.5 million, New Zealand is a predominantly urban country, and is generally thought of as one of the best places in the world to live. In 2010, Auckland was ranked the world’s 4th most liveable city, with Wellington placing 12th, in the Mercer Quality of Life Survey.

Living with a Kiwi host family for up to twelve months, it’s our goal to immerse you in the best parts of our lifestyle and culture. From long, sun-kissed days at one of our magnificent beaches, to discovering the lush, wildlife-rich forests that range through the country, there’s always something close by to capture your imagination for a few hours!

The Kiwi personality

New Zealand’s population is most easily described as a ‘cultural melting pot’, a patchwork of influences and perspectives that come together to create an vibrant and accepting atmosphere, often growing to be treasured by our visitors. Māori culture is especially important to the New Zealand identity, and we employ many Māori words into our everyday language. Typically, Kiwis are some of the most relaxed and friendly personalities in the world, and it’s not uncommon for a friendly conversation to strike up between strangers… you never know what you might find out!

Our climate

Nestled at the bottom of the South Pacific, New Zealand enjoys a climate a dynamic subtropical climate. In the summer months, areas of the North enjoy radiant sunshine all day long, while alpine areas of the South Island can be as cold as -10°C in the winter. Sitting between these two extremes, the majority of the country enjoys mild temperatures and balanced weather patterns throughout the year. Most places in New Zealand receive over 2,000 hours of sunshine a year, with Bay of Plenty and Nelson/Marlborough receiving close to 2,500 hours!



New Zealand’s largest and most populated region. Surrounded by the crystal clear waters, the city is like a big playground, offering something special whether you’re after relaxation, excitement, or both! It’s also where you can find our offices, just a few minutes out of the main city centre, in Parnell.


A must for any fans of Tolkien! From caving to glow-worms, little Hobbit houses to surfing, Hamilton/Waikato offers an abundance of magical experiences to its visitors. Discover the natural beauty of stalacites and stalagmites, illuminated by glow worms. For those seeking an adrenaline rush, the local blackwater rafting is not to be missed!

Bay of Plenty

Fondly known as “The BOP”, the Bay of Plenty is a large indentation on the northern coast of the North Island. It stretches from the beautiful Coromandel Peninsula, some 260km of open coastline. This is certainly one of the most popular places if you’re looking to visit New Zealand and escape the big city bustle back home!


No. 2 on the New York Times’ 52 Places to Go in 2014, Christchurch, or “The Garden City” is a vibrant, ever-changing city. Surrounded by the iconic Southern Alps, the city offers a range of activities. After a major earthquake in 2011, Christchurch is on an exciting journey to become one of the world’s most innovative and modern cities.


Featuring stunning scenery, Otago offers mountains, vast plains, dramatic rivers and remote beaches. The region offers a distinctly South Island lifestyle, and a comfortable alternative to the more heavily populated northern areas.


Referred to by locals as “The Naki”, the west coast of the North Island rests under the watchful eye of Mt Taranaki. Areas of lush forest often lead to vast ocean views, and with plenty of local activities only a stone’s throw away, there’s no shortage of opportunities to explore this awe-inspiring region.


Our capital city, Wellington is the home to New Zealand House of Parliament, and offers plenty of cultural highlights to enjoy, from the city’s art galleries and museums, to the city’s multitude of cafés and restaurants. As the North Island’s most southern city, Wellington offers easy access to the South Island, only a ferry ride away!


Located at the top of the South Island, the Nelson/Marlborough region enjoys lots of sunshine and a temperate climate. Home to the awe-inspiring Marlborough Sounds, the region is home to a rich marine life, lush forests and some of the most talked about views on earth!


Our Au Pair 123 and Au Pair Whiz programmes, licensed by the New Zealand Ministry of Education, provide you with a wide range of regular events and activities to share with your host family’s children (under 5) during the week. On these programmes, you also receive extensive support from your Family & Programme Manager, including a monthly catch up.

The Au Pair Mate programme, for au pairs who only want to look after children over 5 years old, is more like an older sibling, supporting the children while they’re not at school (with homework, after school activities, and so forth).

Below you’ll find a basic list of au pair duties for each programme

Au Pair 123 / Au Pair Whiz

We also support you to

Au Pair Mate


To be an au pair in New Zealand, we’ll need to make sure you meet our programme requirements (for example, you’ll need 100 hours more experience to qualify for Au Pair 123 than Au Pair Mate). In order to qualify for any of our au pair/live-in nanny jobs, you’ll need to


Our online matching programme makes it easy for you to make your way to Aotearoa! Simply complete your initial application form, and one of our Candidate Managers will be in touch to help you through the next stages of your application.

Please note, we do need to sight a few official documents in order to verify your application, including a police background and medical check, as well two childcare and character references (from past jobs, teachers, etc). We suggest getting these papers organised sooner rather than later (along with your working holiday visa) so that you we can set you up for a fantastic time away!

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